Benefits of shea butter for skin conditions and diseases

Proceso de elaboración de la manteca de karité - batido de la manteca

Eczema is a frequent dermatological condition characterized by inflammation that causes erythema, desquamation, induration and lichenification.

With regard to the use of shea butter to treat skin conditions, the most important thing is that the restoration of the skin barrier represents the basis of the treatment of problems such as atopic dermatitis … and this is where the use plays a fundamental role of moisturizers / emollients to restore the skin’s balance, something that has been recommended by international specialists.

On the other hand, moisturizers that include natural shea butter in their composition appear to be more effective in protecting the skin against irritation, erythema, peeling, roughness, dryness, lichenification and itching, as well as to improve its overall appearance, thanks to the presence of different active elements that can exert a synergistic effect.

In fact, pure shea emollients play a key role in the treatment of xerosis and mild to moderate atopic dermatitis because they help restore and maintain the skin barrier function, which reinforces the thesis that topical emollients constitute a First line treatment in those conditions.

Use of shea butter as sunscreen

Shea butter also naturally protects against ultraviolet radiation.

Due to its high esters content of cinnamic acid, shea acts effectively as a screen or filter for ultraviolet rays of wavelength 296-300 nm, which are the most active in the development of solar erythema.

Healing properties of shea butter

One of its most unleashed properties and the most characteristic is its complete and powerful healing action. With the application of shea butter on the scars results have been obtained faster than those achieved so far with the use of fatty corticoid ointments. In addition, it attenuates the marks left by the scars.

Rejuvenating or anti-aging effects of shea butter

Pure shea also has preventive effects against skin aging, improving its tone and elasticity. In fact, it reduces wrinkles and stretch marks and retards their appearance. It also softens the tone of skin spots caused by age and sun exposure, even making them disappear.

Therefore, it is an excellent natural anti-aging product with “rejuvenation effect”.

In short, natural shea butter:

  • is used as an emollient to treat irritated skin (lightly or moderately)
  • helps restore the skin barrier which contributes to the treatment of problems such as xerosis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and ichthyosis
  • provides the skin with protection and better recovery before and / or after sun exposure
  • helps in the process of wound healing (non-open wounds) and attenuates the marks left by the scars
  • attenuates wrinkles and stretch marks and retards their appearance
  • softens the tone of the skin spots, even achieving their disappearance
  • is used as an adjuvant and moisturizing agent for the realization of soaps, creams, lotions, and even ointment for massages, among others

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