How SHEA butter is made or produced?

This is how SHEA butter is made or processed (traditional process improved):

– Once the nuts are collected and selected, they are boiled in water for about forty minutes in an aluminum kettle (in the past they were stored in underground holes)

– After the cooking, the nuts are extended to the sun on nets, metal meshes or non-synthetic sacks put over a flat surface at a height of one meter or one and a half meters from the ground to avoid contact with dust and mud

– Once the nuts are well dried, they are peeled, selected by hand and washed for at least five times. After that, they are extended and put to the sun to proceed again with its drying

– Once the nuts are completely dried, they are toasted in an aluminum kettle without water, with the purpose of heating them to be able to transform them in powder later

– The next phase consists in transforming the resulting powder into a chocolate-colored paste, after adding some water. Once the paste is ready (It has to be stirred by hand to get its homogenization) it is cooked in an aluminum kettle in a wood fire to more than 100 degrees

– Due to the effect of temperature, the paste becomes oil and this oil is filtered through cotton cloths. The filtering operation is repeated up to five times to eliminate all impurities

– Finally the oil is stirred by hand in one direction only, to avoid the formation of lumps and allowed to cool. During the cooling process the oil solidifies into butter, the improved SHEA butter, which in Bambara (one of the languages spoken in Mali) is called “Tulu ngana” that means “the best of butter”

Where to buy pure and unrefined shea butter?

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