KARITENE’s Shea Butter – Our Story

Pure and unrefined Shea butter pura sin refinar

This is how Karitene’s story begins

KARITENE’s story begins with a trip to Mali in 2015, in which we discovered SHEA butter, its benefits, properties and uses. We discovered in 2015 the most famous African natural cream which has been use for centuries!… in short, we discovered what SHEA cream is.

SHEA “nuts” are obtained from the fruits of the Villetaria Paradoxa tree, better known as “butter tree” in the West African areas where these seeds come from.

Once back in Spain we considered the possibility of launching a project that would contribute to the social and labor development of those women who work in cooperatives where SHEA butter or SHEA oil is made and, at the same time, start a business venture aiming at sustainable development.

After a time of project planning, KARITENE was born as a range of natural, homemade, organic and vegan cosmetics based on 100% pure and unrefined SHEA butter from fair trade sources. In fact, we buy our main active agent (SHEA butter) to Malian collector women grouped in cooperatives who produce organic products using traditional methods.

Our SHEA butter is used as an ultra-moisturizer for the face (also as eye contour cream and lip balm), for the body (heels, elbows and nails … in fact it is the best body moisturizer) and for the hair. It is also used as a face cream, hand cream, depigmenting or anti-blemish cream, anti-stretch mark cream, slimming or reducing cream, firming cream, anti-aging cream … and, above all, it is the best anti-wrinkle cream.

Where to buy shea butter, where shea butter is sold

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